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Kordian WarońskiABOUT ME
My name is Kordian. I was born and raised in Poland. My greatest hobby is travel photography. This hobby merges my passions – travels and photography. I love to experience new cultures and meeting new people, learning about their lives, their customs, traditions and behaviour. I guess I would describe my work as predominantly documentary, with a focus on people and whenever possible, a focus on culture and traditions. My inspiration was really travel. I took the occasional family photos and typical snapshots, but it wasn’t until I went to Cambodia that my interest in photography started growing. I made a distinct transition from snapshots to composition and trying to tell a story. The more I traveled, the more I became interested in photography. My aim is to show the beauty, essence and diversity of the place I visit. It’s hard to beat the south-east Asia. There is so much color, vibrancy and life to be seen. The people are so friendly that it’s easier to communicate with them. But, on the other hand, other continents are also beautiful and amazing. It's really difficult to compare them. For me travel photography is the most challenging type of shooting because it encompasses landscape, portraiture, street, food, night and other kinds of photography. And you’ve got to be ready all the time. Carrying your gear, changing lenses, getting up early and going to bed late at night – it's a must in travel photography.
I do consider myself an amateur. I had no formal training at all apart from attending short seminars and workshops. Everything I have been learning was from books, articles, the advice of other photographers and trial and error. I have spent all my free time traveling and photographing the destinations.
See ya out there